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Brawlboard works with OBS Studio, Streamlabs, StreamChamp, and many more!
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Now also available for non-streamers

You can open your Brawlboard in any web browser.
(Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc)

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Takes less than a minute, is absolutely free,
and turns your stream into a R35 masterpiece.


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Brawlboard Discord server

The right place to leave feedback, ideas and bug reports.
All Brawlboard updates will be announced on this Discord server.
You can join by clicking here or scanning the QR code:
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BrawlTools Discord bot

While Brawlboard is your perfect companion for tracking your session stats,
the BrawlTools Discord bot excels at tracking your overall progress.
You can try it out on the Brawlboard Discord server and
experience the most comprehensive, easy-to-use Discord bot for Brawl Stars.

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Currently only on Twitter.